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How To Get Your Wife Or Girlfriend To Want More Sex (For Guys Who Are Dating Or In Relationships)

Author: Mr. L. Rx
ISBN Number 978-1-4276-3527-3
List Price 29.95

Women like sex just as much as men do. Any notion to the contrary is uneducated and inexperienced folly. Women probably do not “need” to have sex as frequently as men “need” to have sex, but, their like of and enjoyment of sex is as great if not greater than men’s. When a man is not getting as much sex as he would like in a relationship with a wife or girlfriend, he DEFINITELY is doing something wrong. In this incisive and frank book, Mr. L. Rx outlines a program for men to eliminate their mistakes, and more importantly to increase the sexual desire from their wives and girlfriends. Topics covered include what men do to “turn” women on and off, how to use "foreplay," “body language,” “dress,” and “romance” to create sexual interest in a woman your are in a relationship with, and a frank education in “sexual techniques” that will drive any woman wild and wanting maximum sex from you.

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