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The System

Author: Octavia Lopez
ISBN Number 978-1-4276-3041-4
List Price 49.99

For generations women have struggled to enhance their appearance naturally. This book was created by a woman who felt the pressure of the world to be more beautiful on the outside than the inside. Once she achieved her goal she realized the new found body gave her the respect she craved. This book is the exact routine Octavia Lopez followed. She took advice from exotic dancers & men who were trying to become women. There is no way to direct fat to one place without applying an exercise routine. The key is to gain the weight as you exercise the specific body part. Our specified food can be found in any grocery store. No one person can claim to have made up these exercises. Although, this two part life changing routine is original. “The System” is so powerful that it is still used by celebrities & the Entertainment Industry. This is a personal testimony of a woman who felt left out of her race turned Guru. Free Bonus #1 Get Rid of Cellulite - How to Get Rid of Your Cellulite Without Sweating - A simple exercise that breaks up cellulite from the inside. It takes about 3-4 weeks but it works. Free Bonus #2 Grow Bigger Breasts Without Pills or Creams - There's a proven method to increase your breast size by strenghthening the muscles underneath your breast tissue. The same concept of getting a big butt. Free Bonus #3 Shrink Your Waist By 3 Inches In 3.5 Weeks - No Dieting, Sit-ups. Crunches, No Strenous Activity. How is that possible? Yoga is all about breathing that tightens your internal ab muscles. Theres a Simpler Way to Do Yoga. Free Bonus #4 Fashion Fixes Everything: Tactics You Can Use to Get a Great Looking Booty in 3-5 Days This includes the best jeans & underwear to enhance your butt & more.

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