ECKO House Publishing is a new concept in publishing; designed from the ground up for authors just like you! Unlike any other publishing company, ECKO makes publishing easy and affordable, with no hidden fees. We make it simple to get your book listed with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon and more! Click Here For More Information.

Sell Online TODAY!

Online book sales are growing enormously each year. Up until now, authors and other entrepreneurs would have to pay a fortune to sell their products online and tap into this profitable market. With our revolutionary system, we've made it simple and inexpensive to sell your products online. It's so simple and affordable you can get started today for only $49.95.

How does it work?

We provide you your own website address ( where you can sell your products on-line. Your own personal automated website comes fully designed and gives you the immediate capability to enter your content, upload product photos, and list all your products. Our system is built for people who know nothing about creating websites. After completing an easy 4 step process, you will be ready for business. If you need help along the way, we're here to help you succeed. We'll also be happy to do everything for you at a nominal fee of $100.00.

You have complete control over your site and have the ability to direct customers to your site.

If you already have your own website (not required), you can put a link on your site. By using our sales system, you don't need to install a shopping cart system on your site (which can cost thousands) and you don't even need a site. You simply direct people to your site and collect the money. Everything is automated for you.

In addition to all the customers you can link to your web site, we drive traffic to your website through our own extensive online marketing system. With a link on every page to our data base of books and other products, our customer's customers can become your customers, as well.

What we provide...

We provide you a website address, web hosting, your own easy to use website system (built for dummies), a shopping cart system, step by step instructions and plenty of support, if needed. All integrated into one easy to use system.

We can provide you with exposure to Google and other search engines.

As long as your book has an isbn number assigned from us, we will also list it with Google. When someone types in keywords in Google that appear in your book, potential buyers get to preview a page of your book on line and if they are interested in purchasing your book, they are instantly linked to your web site (which we provide) where they can purchase your book.

What you provide...

How much does it cost
to get started?

The total cost to get started is only $49.95. Limited time only. This is a site launching special and our price will go up.

How much do I pay on each sale?
For each sale you make, we charge 10% of the total billed. You collect all the money and we bill you on the first of each month.. Remember e-books don't cost you anything to sell. If you charge $10 for your e-book, your total profit will be $9.00 after deducting our 10%. Not bad for an automated paycheck! Think of all the virtual income you can create.

How much is the monthly fee?
For the first 6 months, the site fee is waived. After the first 6 months, you pay only $5.00 a month in site maintenance fees. There is no obligation and you can cancel at any time.

What you get...

You get your online sales system which includes a website address, web hosting, your own easy to use website system (built for dummies), a shopping cart system, step by step instructions and plenty of support, if needed, 6 months of paid maintenance fees (only $5.00 per month after the first 6 months with no obligation).
If you want us to list your book with Google, you will need an ISBN number assigned by us.

How do you get paid?

You will get paid directly through PayPal or GoogleCheckout. Money will automatically be deposited into your account after each transaction. At the first of every month, we will email you a monthly statement showing all your sales, the amounts and an invoice for 10% of total sales due to us within 7 days.

We look forward to helping you market your book on-line and creating great success! Let us know how we can help you best!

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